FINRA Named One of the Best IT Employers for the 5th Consecutive Year

16 Aug

According to IDG’s Computerworld, FINRA ranks as one of the best places to work in information technology, specifically in the field of financial regulation. It is the fifth consecutive year that FINRA made it to Computerworld’s list of top 100 companies.

Computerworld’s Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer Steve Randich said, “FINRA has a lot to provide technologists in terms of a chance to work in pioneering the causes of investor protection and market integrity. We’re proud that Computerworld has contributed to empowering technologists to produce and innovate in accordance to FINRA’s stable role in financial regulation.”

Randich cited as a prime example Comuterworld’s use of the cloud to make storage and processing of vast amounts of information scalable and safe. It has also included improved facility in performing regulatory analysis by technologists. He also said that producing open-source software and hosting hackathons has allowed their technology group in a dynamic environment, inside and outside the company.

In this year’s list of Best Places to Work in IT, Computerworld had this to say about FINRA, “The employees at this independent, non-governmental regulatory office of securities companies are fully aware that their employer supports them a 100%.” He adds, “FINRA also provides ample parental leave benefits for child birth or adoption, gives a maximum of $5,000 for every child for adoption-related expenses, money for additional emergency support when regular child-care or elder-care is not available, and allows adjustable work schedules to aid workers balance their job and family concerns.

Moreover, FINRA gives workers two paid-vacation-days each year to do social outreach in their communities and their chosen charities.”

This year’s Best Places to Work in IT list have made it to the magical circle of organizations which have produced an innovative and fulfilling IT work environment,” stated Scot Finnie, Computerworld’s Editor-in-Chief. “In a highly competitive world of tech skills, these excellent employers can draw highly-talented IT professionals by offering attractive fringe benefits, fresh educational opportunities, utilization of cutting-edge digital systems and challenging, business-centered ventures.”

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is recognized as the biggest independent securities regulation agency for all firms operating in the United States. FINRA commits to safeguard the interests of the investor as well as the integrity of the securities market through efficient regulation and appurtenant compliance and technology-based systems. FINRA covers substantially every aspect of the securities market – beginning with registration and education of all industry players to evaluation of securities companies, writing regulations, enforcement of such regulations and the federal securities laws, and the education of the investing public in general. Moreover, FINRA conducts investigations and other regulatory tasks for equities and options markets, including trade updates and other related industry services. Finally, FINRA serves as the main administrator for resolutions of disputes for investors and securities firms.

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